Critical for effective rejuvenation is the expression of selected DNA-chains into enzymes. The reason becomes apparent when you look at the press release for the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Feel free to read the details in this link.

While increasing the amount of telomerase should reverse aging, the press release clearly adds that more may be necessary.


In this respect it is known that cellular DNA is not only in the nucleus but also in mitochondria which are small red particles in cells. The main task for these particles is to convert oxygen to energy useful to cells. But byproducts of this process are damaging to cells. A special enzyme, SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase), eliminates the byproducts and has been shown to increase the life span.


The newsletter will discuss these and related developments in human rejuvenation. The selection of powerful products and how to get and use them effectively will be included. In newsletter-2 you find our extrapolation as to what medical treatment modalities should be available in the near (or even very near) future. 


Update of 1-28-13: Received a report (from Agora) that a company in California found the master-key for all-out cellular rejuvenation, a special DNA-section in every cell. While telomerase (introduced above) acts on differentiated cells, the new protein product acts on undifferentiated ones (stem cells, your stem cells). Consequently, the latter process results in the replacement of cells which can no longer be repaired.

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