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No. 15: Magnetic Field Effects (11-03-2014)

In the introduction of homeopathy (issue No. 13) you learned that the geomagnetic field is critical for storing electromagnetic wave spectra as indicators of health and disease. It is therefore likely that magnetic fields of higher than geomagnetic field strength lead to additional effects. But so far no scientifically acceptable studies have been conducted according to Feingold and Flamm [1]. The authors are aware that acceptable clinical tests are difficult to conduct. But tests could also be conducted with animals and plants, where placebo effects are non-existent.


Dr. Bakst was a surgeon in New York City. But his constant bending during surgery eventually led to back pain. At that point he started looking for a non-surgical non-drug treatment modality. He derived from ancient studies that strong magnets could help. In 1994 he founded and established Dr. Bakst Magnetics, Inc. Dr. Bakst was awarded the only concept patent for magnetic relief of pain (U.S. Patent No. 5,707,333). The company is dedicated to providing the most effective method of alleviating pain, such as back pain and carpal tunnel without the use of drugs or surgery.


Dr. Bakst Magnetics uses uni-polar neodymium magnets strategically and anatomically placed to reach the affected nerve causing the pain. These magnets are sewn in a neoprene brace, which adds increased support to the painful area. A variety of different versions are available on their website [2].


Dr. Bradley Nelson has used magnets extensively [3] and written a book on proper use to control the effects of emotions on human life. Videos are directly available on the website provided.


Once we know more about the interaction details between homeopathic agents and their targets we may be able to design experiments which would allow us to measure any action of magnetic fields upon defined molecular and cellular systems.


Wishing you the very best until a week from now when we will discuss the interaction of electromagnetic waves with living systems.

George Czerlinski.





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